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Hello there, now that you are visiting my home page then you:
  1. Already know me.
  2. Interested in something included in this page (probably you want to learn Arabic).

If you are one of the "A" group, then hello contact me and tell me how are you doing!!
If you are one of the "B" group, then it will be great if this site could help you in anyway. Just browse around!!

Now.. you could be wondering "who is this guy anyway?", well...

I am Syrian, I live in the UAE and I am a computer engineer (there.. that was simple!!).
More you say?! OK....

I like sports (specially beach volleyball and swimming), music (every kind and all languages) and a good laugh every now and then.

I hate snobs and misleading and biased media sources that has no integrity (the biggest example in the world is FoxNews).
You can say that I'm someone who enjoys learning something new everyday, whether it is related to computers, sports, politics or even a better way of making spaghetti sauce!!
Now.. you can choose a link from the index on the left or go through the site page by page from the arrows in the bottom of the page.

Teaching Arabic since Mon 04 Jan 1999

By the way, there is a little secret in this web site just try and find , and who knows what will you get....

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