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Please read this if you are unable to read Arabic webpages or Arabic websites on your computer or web browser (Note: this information might be outdated for some browsers and OSs). If the information presented here is not up to date for your system try the links on the bottom of this page.

Arabic pages in my site are presented as text. In order to view it, you need to browse the pages using the right combination of operating system and browser.

Please read the following options and choose the one you prefer.

If you are using [Arabic and non-Arabic] Windows 3.X, 95, 98, 2000, XP or Vista operating systems..

  • The prefered choice is Firefox (it is the fastest). Click button to download now:
    Firefox 3

  • If for any reason you don't wish to install Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer is another choice if you are looking for a smooth Arabic browsing on different versions of Arabic and non-Arabic Windows.

If you are using Linux

  • The prefered choice is Firefox. Click button to download now:
    Firefox - España

If you are using MAC OS

  • The prefered choice is Firefox (it is the fastest). Click button to download now:
    Firefox - Deutschland
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer can be used on Arabic Mac systems to view our pages. Download the latest Mac version of MS IE browser.
  • You can also download Apple Safari browser which supports Arabic text.
  • f you have an older Arabic MAC OS, you may be able to read our Arabic pages but not directly. Download an Arabic-text convertor, then convert it to Arabic-Mac format and save it. Now open the saved page, you can now read it.

If you are using UNIX

  • Firefox is the best option for Unix users (it is also the fastest). Click button to download now:
    Firefox - France
  • You can also use one of many Unix web browsers to view Arabic script on the web.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 is on option for this platform. Visit these links to download the latest UNIX browser available.
  • Currently, PMOSAIC and AraMosaic can render Arabic text on Arabic Unix systems.
You can also use the following good web browsers to view Arabic text on the Internet on different operating systems.


If you did not find the information you need for your system, try the following links:
Firefox - Italia

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